About Us

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About Me

Hi I’m James Smith also known as An English Gentleman and welcome to my place (and also yours) on the internet where you can let your imagination go whilst listening to relaxing or erotic audios.  

Or you may just want to stare at my Rugby Thighs which always seems to cause a meltdown when posted on Social Media.

Did you know that creating Audios is the second best thing I do with my mouth? Well you do now 😉

Flying the Flag... My thighs seem to go down a treat

when posted on Social Media.

My Audios & More...

A little bit of nice, and a lot of naughty my audios have a realness to them that creates an immersive atmosphere while you listen.

My audios are mostly improvisation where I let my imagination take over when recording, creating a blend of erotic with humour, which will have you laughing one moment, and turned on and cumming the next. This is the perfect antidote for ensuring realness.

I do love creating naughty car audios, with my car series having five scenario audios so far, the latest one with me receiving a naughty blow job in a car wash. There really is something alluring about sex in a car, and the thrill of being caught!

I have also collaborated with script writers, to create character and plot driven audios such as Agent James, a spy thriller. Listen and be pulled into the thrilling world of Agent James, as I complete a sexy rescue mission.

As well as audios I also create enticing food videos. One of my most popular ones being where I challenge myself to taste a donut without directly using my mouth, which has gotten a lot of viewers laughing one minute, and horny the next, not believing that watching a donut being tasted could be such a turn on. Who knew eating a donut could be so much fun and deliciously sexy at the same time!

You can now listen to my voice through my merchandise by scanning the QR-Code printed on it, whether you want to listen to your Horoscope or just a simple ‘Hello Gorgeousness’ I’m right there with you.

I do hope you enjoy listening and watching and if you have any requests, please feel free to drop me a line.

James xxx