There’s Just Something

About Being In Nature

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It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we hadn’t done much the entire day, but had agreed that morning that we would go for a walk in the forest.

I practically had to drag you off the couch and into the car so that we could get going.

You weren’t usually this lazy but it had been a particularly long and draining week for you and I knew you weren’t really in the mood to do anything.

Arriving at the forest, we pull into the open field that gets used for parking.

Hopping out the car I walk round to open your door, ‘My lady’ I say while bowing playfully, and help you out.

I disappear to the back of the car and pull a picnic basket and blanket out of the boot.

I sneakily put this together while you were asleep on the couch earlier.

I hand you the blanket and we begin to make our way towards the forest. It really was such a lovely day to be outside, not too hot or too cold.

The branches of the trees were moving in the gentle breeze that was blowing. The scent of the pine trees permeated the air and there was birdsong coming from all around us.

I watched you as you walked. I could see a sense of calm begin to wash over you and you finally seemed to be relaxing.

‘Babe I appreciate you dragging me out here.

You always seem to know what will make me feel better.’

You say. ‘Of course my Angel!

You know that I’ll do anything to make you happy,’

I say as I smile and wink at you.

I know how much you love it when I wink at you and how it makes you weak at the knees.

You’ve always said that there’s just something so cheeky about a wink that gets you going. After walking for a few more minutes we find a great little spot to settle down for our picnic, it’s a bit off the trail and not too out in the open.

You begin to unfold the blanket and shake it out to lay it down on the ground. I watch you as you get down on your hands and knees to fix the edges and smooth it out.

I know that you are doing this to tease me and I see you start wiggling that cute bum of yours. Sitting down I join you on the blanket and we start unpacking the picnic basket.

I packed cheese and biscuits, a fruit salad, chocolate mousse, a beer for me and a joint for you. ‘I’m very impressed, quite the assortment you’ve got here and you even rolled a joint for me babe!’ You say while hugging me.

I feel your breasts press up against me as you squeeze me tightly and I feel my dick growing harder by the second. It takes all my willpower to not just pin you down on this blanket and fuck you but I want to wait.

I didn’t pack this picnic basket for nothing and I want you to smoke first. I love how intense your orgasms are when you’re stoned.

I pop my beer open and we start snacking on the food.

I love watching how you’re going to town on the cheese and biscuits, it’s always surprised me how you don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

You catch me staring at you and playfully punch me, ‘Stop it! Didn’t your mother teach you that it’s not polite to stare?’ You say as you light your joint.

We both lie back and talk while you smoke.

I ask you about the projects you’re currently working on and what you have planned for the upcoming week. Nearing the end of your joint, you sit up to put it out.

I officially hit my limit of waiting and grab you by the waist, pulling you back to lie down.

I move so that I’m on top of you and you feel how hard I am. ‘Oh someone is excited isn’t he?’ You say as you pull me down to kiss you.

As we kiss my hand finds it’s way under your top and up to your breasts. 

I’m surprised but very happy to find that you aren’t wearing a bra.

I move slowly and start kissing your ears, moving down your neck to your collarbones.

I pull your top up and over your head, exposing those beautiful breasts with already hard nipples.

The change in temperature sending a chill through you and I watch as your skin fills with goosebumps. I start kissing down your chest until my mouth reaches your nipple.

I slowly stick my tongue out and begin circling it around your nipple before taking it in my mouth and sucking it. My hand pinching and twisting the other one as you arch your back and moan in response.

Hearing you moan for me is one of my biggest turn ons and my need to fuck you is sent into overdrive! I move down between your legs and peel off your pants, noticing a wet patch has formed on your panties.

I begin kissing up your calf, to your thigh before finally reaching your pussy. I slip my fingers in the waistband of your panties and pull them off to find your pussy glistening for me.

I kiss across your tummy and hips before making my way down, teasing you as I go, before you finally feel the full length of my tongue on your pussy. I lick up and down the slit a few times before moving to your clit.

‘Fuck baby’ you gasp as I start sucking and licking your clit. Your hips beginning to move up and down and your moans increasing.

I know you’re close to cumming as your thighs begin tensing and squeezing around my head. I slide two fingers inside your pussy and start fingering you while still sucking your clit.

Your legs begin to shake, I know you’re on the edge so I increase the pace.

‘Be a good girl and cum for me baby’ I say.

You start moaning loudly as you cum, wave after wave hitting you. I don’t let up on fingering you or sucking your clit.

If anyone is around they’ve definitely heard us now. While you’re recovering from your orgasm I start removing my clothes.

I’m so fucking hard for you and just want to fuck you so badly.

Moving back up your body, kissing you all the way.

I briefly suck each of your nipples before I move up and kiss you.

You moan when you feel my dick resting against the entrance of your pussy and beg me to fuck you.

I don’t need to be asked twice and slide inside you.

You’re so fucking wet and tight, I love the way your pussy feels around my dick.

I start off slowly but soon I’m pounding you while you reach down and rub your clit.

I quickly pull out, ‘Turn over and get on your ass in the air now.’ I grab your perfect ass and spank you before entering you again.

My hands holding your hips and I start fucking you harder.

I reach out and grab your hair with one hand and pull you up to me, my other hand rubbing your clit.

The sounds of our moans and bodies slapping against one another drowning out the noises around us.

I felt myself reaching the edge and I knew I was close. ‘Baby girl, I’m going to cum soon. I want you to cum with me.’ I push you back down and fuck you as hard and as fast as I can.

It doesn’t take long before I’m cumming inside your pussy.

Feeling my hot cum shoot inside you sends you over the edge.

I feel your pussy clench around my dick and milk every last drop of cum from me. Both of us exhausted, we lie back down on the blanket again.

Turning to look at me, you giggle and say, ‘There’s just something about being in nature.’

Written by: Gypsy_Girl27

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