Tied Up Tuesday

By Posy Churchgate



The webbing straps were never removed from the bed in the spare room. Each Tuesday found Evie bound spread-eagled to the bed, at her master’s pleasure.


On a Monday night he would set out what she’d wear, if anything.


Evie rose early, set out his breakfast, whilst making a small bowl of porridge for herself, then she would shower and clean her teeth so she was ready to wear the restraints once her master rose at 7.


She’d slip into the prescribed outfit (long striped socks, a waspie corset, the leather body harness etc.) and make sure all the vibrators were charged.


At any time of the day her master might come to play with her. He’d rise from the laptop at his desk to stand in the doorway surveying his obedient sub. If he liked what he saw he would fondle and stroke her, every erogenous zone his to possess.


Her nipples were his to pinch or clamp, her pussy was spread open for his fingers, tongue or cock. If her pussy was already wet, he’d ask what she’d been thinking of.

Sometimes Evie wore a ball gag, drooling as her master pleasured himself in her sopping hole. Other times he wanted his fuck toy to suck him till he came.


Some days she lay alone, dreaming of touches and caresses which never came. Master had a deadline and worked solidly, no breaks.


On these days she’d lose herself in fantasies that he watched from the dooray, fisting his cock silently, observing his doll. Her nipples would harden and her labia glistened as juices rushed to lubricate her lush pink folds.


Her ears attuned to his approaching tread, which made her pussy throb with hungry anticipation. If master tied her face down she didn’t need a blindfold, but she knew to expect spanking or caning, sometimes butt plugs while master trained her to enjoy anal sex.


She yearned for his touches and lived to please him. Her day as a fuck-toy was the best of the week. He’d edge her with teasing or dement her with pleasure, it was all good for Evie. she wanted to serve.


When his work day was over he’d unfasten her bindings, rubbing her wrists and ankles before wrapping her in a blanket while he ran a deep bath. He’d supervise her soaping and shaving routine before washing her hair and drying her with warm towels.


They’d eat a light supper together before retiring to cuddle in bed. There were no chores for Evie on a Tuesday, being a fuck-toy was all he required.

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