Coitus Interruptus Vampyre

By Posy Churchgate

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This piece of erotic flash fiction finds a young couple, late at night, parked up in seclusion with plans to enjoy some time alone

We’d parked down a country lane, a track used occasionally by farm vehicles. Nobody would see us or interrupt. 


Reclining my seat I slipped off my knickers before unbuttoning my dress. 


Bradley’s belt and flies were undone. He rolled on a condom.

We’d been going out a few months now, no need for him to romance me. 


I wanted his body like he wanted mine. Tonight at the working man’s club I’d been dancing with the girls, but putting on a show for him. 


I’d shimmied my hips, swinging my butt like a pendulum.  


I’d even danced pressed against my friend Clarissa. Nuzzling her neck, I trailed butterfly kisses over her pulse point and down to her clavicle. 


It had got me hot, revved up. My knickers felt moist, wadded into a damp bunch. They rubbed my labia, teasing my ass crack.


I unclasped the front of my bra, titties springing free. I stroked and cupped, offering them to Brad.


“C’mon big boy, give me all you got!” I met his eyes. Licked my lips while tweaking my nipples.


He moved towards me, his cock glossy from the prophylactic. Bobbing eagerly, it sought my heat and wetness. Brad manoeuvered between my spread thighs.


“Are you ready?” we locked eyes. One arm snaked out, his questing finger slid through the slick on my nether lips. “Oh, you’re ready,” he smirked.


He pushed the same finger in my mouth, so I sucked that finger clean. Hollowing my cheeks and clenching my pussy, I wished it was his prick.


With his weight braced either side of me, the helmet of his dick nuzzled against my entrance. He drove it home. 


My stomach swooped, going down in a fast lift. His phallus spread and stretched me. 


I loved the friction. When his groin crushed my pudenda and his balls slapped against me I released a gasp of satisfaction.


My eyes fluttered closed as he continued to thrust. 


I’d built up some heat dancing earlier, but still needed to race to come before he shot his load. To tilt my hips I clasped my legs around his buttocks.


When I heard him groan, my happy bubble burst. Could I still rub and thrust to orgasm? 


No he was going limp. Suddenly, Brad’s body was snatched away, leaving my pussy empty, my breasts exposed.


In his place loomed a pale man with the most intense, glowing eyes. 


I gazed into those orbs and shock froze in my veins.


“This will not hurt,” he enunciated, his voice low and soothing. “Show me your neck.”

I felt compelled to turn my head aside. 


My speeding heart thundered in my chest cavity. He watched my pulse jump in my neck like a cat watches a canary, before sinking his head to my clavicle to bite. 


His deadly sharp teeth pierced my skin. My body felt awash with warmth, a languid pleasure like my climax.


My young life was drawn past his fangs as he drank.


This is not the first story I’ve written with a vampire theme, if you’d like more, then visit my site and read Lets Go Round Again (3 part series). I have linked it up with #EroticFictionDeluxe’s murder themed prompt.



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