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James, An English Gentleman, very much fits his description. Hailing from London England and a gentleman through and through, James began recording audio in his spare time in 2019 after listening to a few voice artists and content creators on YouTube and Pornhub which inspired him to create his own audios. Dipping his feet into the water posting a few audios on Pornhub to begin with, this led to the discovery of Gone Wild Audio on reddit, where James found a community of voice artists, content creators, and listeners he could interact with.

Although inspired to create audios by listening to other voice artists and content creators, James already had a voice kink, a love for voices and accents, and was drawn to phone sex as a young adult. Merging this voice kink with James’ smooth sexy voice together into one avenue, has given him the opportunity to do something that not only turns him on, but also something that he loves doing, and turns others on in return.

In March 2020 when the pandemic hit James began to create audios more consistently, branching out to Twitter, and creating an OnlyFans account, as well as a Patreon to share and build up his fanbase, and interact with his listeners. His basis was to provide comfort during the pandemic through audios.

A little bit of nice, and a lot of naughty James’ audios have a realness to them that creates an immersive atmosphere. Mostly improvisation, James lets his imagination take over when recording, creating a blend of erotic with humour, which will have you laughing one moment, and turned on and cumming the next. The perfect antidote for ensuring realness. James has also collaborated with script writers, to create character and plot driven audios such as Agent James, a spy thriller in conjunction with writer Posy Churchgate.

With many audios under his belt, and even a spicy video taking off his belt, James has a variety of content to be consumed. One major body of work being James’ car audio series, which has five scenario audios so far, the latest one with James receiving a naughty blow job in a car wash. There really is something about sex in a car, and the thrill of being caught!

James also likes to make enticing food videos. When one challenges you to taste a donut without using your mouth, how becomes the question, and the answer being with your fingers of course! From watching the gentleness of James’ fingers initially sliding into the donut hole, to the roughness of his fingers twisting, turning, thrusting in and out, and the luscious sounds of licking donut filling off his fingers, laughter turns to captivation for the one watching as the squishing and licking sounds begin to turn them on. Who knew eating a donut could be so much fun and deliciously sexy at the same time?

With a steady listener base on many platforms, James is driven by the reactions and support from his listeners, aptly name James’ Angels. He is always amazed at the interactions he has with his Angels, appreciating their thoughts and compliments immensely. James loves replying to their comments, turning them on and making them laugh, and seeking feedback on new ideas for erotic and funny audios they may want to hear next. The banter between James and his listeners can sometimes be rather naughty, with gif replies and double entendre meanings to each written reply enough to make an Angel blush!

James has been interviewed by the likes of Isoellen, Ruan Willow, Speak Seductively with Kyle and Lilly, and Just.Press.Foreplay, a few of these being rather memorable. After a time zone mix up meant an interview with Isoellen started an hour earlier than expected, James was caught out still in the bath. With such a commitment to Isoellen, and ever the gentleman the interview still went ahead, with James doing the whole podcast interview over the phone while naked in a bathtub full of water, and even included an interrupting but hilarious phone call part way through. Despite these hiccups, the interview definitely went smoothly, and hey an interview in a bathtub that’s certainly one way to make it memorable and create conversation!

So where does James see himself and his audios in the next two years? James would like to continue to build up and grow his loyal fanbase, and keep producing original erotic and humorous audios, as well as branch out with a variety of products. Currently he has some merchandise coming out which will be available on his website in the near future, and in addition to his normal audio uploading schedule James also has a new regular monthly audio that listeners are going to love, which is currently under wraps but will be premiered soon.

To listen to more of James’ audios you can sign up to his OnlyFans, or Patreon for exclusive content, or follow his posts on reddit, and Twitter, or SFW videos on YouTube. Merchandise and further articles can be found on this website

Written by Tempting To You
Face of an Angel, Mind of a Sinner! Short Story Writer

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