What is Erotic Audio For Women?

A Brief Look at What’s What!

Erotic audio for women, the lovely little secret that many women love to have, something for their own that gets them off as they listen to someone else getting off. Outside of work, and family, erotic audio gives women the ability to explore desires and fantasies they may never have thought they could have, right from the comfort of their own phone.

But something changed in the last year and a half, a secret no more, the erotic audio scene is booming, and women are becoming more vocal about listening, expressing to their partners their fantasies, and even forming friendships with other listeners/women on reddit and Twitter. While we lost the ability to see people face to face during the pandemic, it opened up a world of online sexual exploration for many women around the world. 

When the term erotic audio is mentioned what used to be a taboo subject, is hush hush no longer, but what exactly is it? Erotic audio is a voice recording/reading of a story plot of sexual nature played out to a listener, used to arouse sexual desire for entertainment purposes. The aim is to get the listener off, and be able to cum while listening. Essentially erotic audio, is porn in audio book form. These story plots can range from innocent friends to lover’s type plots, to blowjobs in a car wash, and phone sex. 

And there is something about erotic audios that makes them intriguing. It’s not just listening to spicy content, but it’s also being able to use your own imagination while following along. Listening to erotic audio can be akin to a dream, seeing the scene and picturing it in your head while listening creates an immersive atmosphere, drawing you into its world, and really feeling what you hear. And unlike visual porn which isn’t always inclusive to different body shapes, ethnicity, and ability, erotic audio gives the listener the opportunity to imagine themselves right there is the scene. 

For many women, this realness has been able to spill out into their own sex lives with their partners, giving them back their sex drive, and the confidence to explore new things in and out of the bedroom. For others, providing a different perspective and ideas into their already fulfilling sex life. Not only just an experience to get off, erotic audio is also building up women’s sex lives like never before.  


Types of Erotic Audio

Let’s explore a few types of erotic audio. With many different voice artists and content creators around, there is a variety of types of audios to choose from. These can range from character/plot driven stories, meditation, instructional masturbation audios, and many more.


1)  Character Driven/Plot Driven Audios:


Created with a storyline in mind, character and plot driven audios can be either one voice, with other characters in the audio implied with silent breaks in wording to infer another person or even the listener is talking, or could be made up of various voices in one audio.

Some audios are as simple a voice and a storyline, while others are elaborate and high quality with various sound effects, providing a cinematic effect. Either way, the listener is taken along through a sexual journey with the narrator, as if they are part of the storyline.


2) Meditation:

Used for both non-erotic and erotic purposes meditation audios immerse the listener into a state of relaxation, and possible arousal. These types of audios can either be used as sleep aids, calming down techniques during anxiety, or for those that are erotic, used as tantric purposes to bring the listener to a higher state of orgasm during meditation.


3) JOI – Instructional Masturbation Audios:

Jerk Off Instruction audios guide the listener how and where to touch themselves, and when to cum. These can either include the use of vibrators, and other sex toys, or just the use of hands. You can find JOI audios that provide a quick and easy release, or longer ones that tease the listener, edging them to an explosive orgasm.


4) Ramblefap: 

Want to listen to someone moan, murmur, and talk dirty while they masturbate, then ramblefaps are for you. Mostly without a storyline, ramble faps give the listener the opportunity to feel like they are in the room during such an intimate scene, and the ability to masturbate along.

Having touched on the explosion of erotic audio during the pandemic, and a few types of erotic audios in this article, stay tuned for our next article on Gone Wild Audio, the reddit playground where you can find a plethora of audios, and how Twitter is used by voice artists and content creators to interact with listeners.

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