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Gone Wild Audio on reddit is a candy store for erotic audios, whatever your flavour GWA has it, within reason. Vanilla, soft, hard, everything is there to pick from, just make sure you’re of legal age! All audios are tagged with relevant content information, and descriptions, so that listeners are able to pick and choose what theme of audio they want to listen to in an informed and consensual way. Listeners are also able to follow their favourite erotic authors personal reddit pages.  

With such a variety of content, tags and filters are your friend when it comes to GWA, want something specific like a [Car Sex] audio, or [Filthy Talk], place these keywords in the search bar and you can search to your hearts content through the results. Role filters are recommended if you want to only listen to audios recorded by a certain gender, for example a male voice for a female audience [M4F].  

But GWA isn’t just for listeners entertainment though, it is a community where voice artists and content creators are able to share not only audio recordings, but also scripts that other voice artists and content creators are able to fill (record), as well as a place to provide and receive feedback from those in the industry.  

Interactions and feedback from listeners are also highly recommended within the GWA community. Lurk if you want to, or if you’re braver than that, post comments and let the audio creator know that you like their work, what you like, and how it makes you feel.  

Want to be even braver, and request a naughty audio idea you have be fulfilled, there’s even a request tag to do so. All you need to do is create a new post with your idea, choose what gender you want to perform it, and make sure it is tagged with [Request] in the tagging section, and someone will pick it up to record. 


Spilling out from GWA, Twitter is an avenue for voice artists and content creators to not only get their audios out there into the world beyond reddit, but also an avenue to boost engagement by interacting with listeners.  

If GWA is an audio candy store, Twitter is its visual and audio playground counterpart. Want to have a little fun with your favourite voice artist or content creator, pop on over to their Twitter, as they want to have a little fun with you too. 

Twitter is a playground of naughtiness where you can find themed posts like #ManhandsMondays and #ThighThursdays which includes suggestive and spicy photos and videos, and #WankingWednesday posts which will make your ears tingle with delight to the sounds of moans and groans of pleasure, and cumming sounds. Looking for a little naughty cooking lesson, look no further than #JamesKitchen and #JamesGetsAround, or have a giggle with a sexy donut challenge. 

For those voice artists and content creators that provide premium paid content on other sites like Patreon and OnlyFans, tease posts on Twitter of these audios can be very enticing to get you over to that naughty corner of their world. 

The same rules apply for Twitter as they do for GWA, the best way to interact with voice artists and content creators, is to get onto their posts, and comment. Like what you see and hear, click that heart button, post a comment, and if you want your Twitter followers to see the post too and help the author gain wider exposure hit the retweet button while you’re at it to repost onto your timeline. 

Interested in providing some input into what kind of audio a voice artist or content creator should do next, look out for polls asking just that. You can find voting polls on many voice artist and content creators timelines asking things from what theme audio they should do next, or what song you want them to sing, and even what kind of food you’d love to see them cook. Your opinion on what new content to create is always highly sought. 

Whether dipping your feet in a candy store or playground, Gone Wild Audio and Twitter are definitely informative and interactive platforms that are a world of fun for all! And for much more fun, tune in for our next article about the delightful sounds of men moaning, why it’s such a turn on, and why we should be encouraging these sounds more often. 


Written by Tempting To You
Face of an Angel, Mind of a Sinner! Short Story Writer

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